Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Into The Unknown

Image: 'They came...' -www.flickr.com/photos/17537227@N00/514419261

I've been travelling a little bit this summer and it's caused me to spend a fair amount of time pondering the places I've been - the paths I've walked and the sights that I've seen.

I've come to the conclusion that too many of my trips are repeats. I'm often forced to return to previous destinations out of obligation. The paths I walk are well worn and the sights I see have been tainted by experience.

I long to explore new spaces and visit different places. I have a strong sense of adventure and always want to see what's around the next corner. I need to venture into the unknown and explore the many possibilities that exist.

All the while these thoughts are running through my head, I'm thinking about my kids. I understand how important it is to lead them into different places. It's up to me to show my kids a world of opportunity and to keep them safe while they explore it.

It's our responsibility, as parents and as educators, to expand the horizons for our youth. We don't want our students to feel stuck - we want them to take the reins and control their own destiny. But many of our kids need to be shown some of the paths that exist and they want someone to walk down those paths with them - just a helping hand to get them started.

Technology holds the key to showing our kids all of the many paths that exist. There are so many worlds that they can begin to explore with just one click.

Where will you guide them?

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