Monday, December 8, 2008

Alone in the Twitterverse?

The Twitterverse.

Just how quickly is this global community growing, and how many other communities has it replaced for you?

Twitter has become a mainstay within my online profile. I gain knowledge through the Twitterverse every day, and I try to give back to my 'tweeps as often as possible.

My Twitter network is NOT vast. I'm currently following the tweets of about 100 people on Twitter, mostly edubloggers and educators, and there are currently about 65 people following my tweets. As far as I'm concerned, the size of my network doesn't matter - followers come and followers go - it's the quality of my network that matters most.

For that reason, I find it necessary to undergo periodic grooming of my Twitter network - the odd 'twitticure', so to speak. In fact, it's almost time for another twitticure, to trim away some of the unwanted / unneeded parts of my Twitter network.

Twitter has become a very valuable tool for me, and I am constantly touting its' benefits to other educators who aren't already converted. But one thing that I've found is that it can be tough for those who aren't that 'connected' to begin forming their own Twitter network.

Thankfully, many blog posts and wikis are beginning to identify lists of people to follow on Twitter. These are great resources to develop for newbies and veterans alike, and I hope that many of these lists continue to grow and flourish.

What would you share with someone who's looking for a sure-fire way to grow their network?

What advice could you share to help a newbie get started with Twitter?

in 140 characters or less ;-)


Jeannine St. Amand said...

1 check out Twitter Local to find people you might know

2 in settings choose "all @ replies" so that you can see whole conversations

3 include a few people from outside your main area of interest

Kate Klingensmith said...

Directories are helpful! My favorite is Jane Hart's: